Our Team

Oasis Testing is now part of Velentium Solutions, a professional engineering firm specializing in the design and manufacturing of intelligent products and automated test systems for the energy and manufacturing industries. With customers in the U.S., Asia, Europe, and South America, we have experience working with all sizes of clients, ranging from startups seeking seed funding to established Fortune 100 companies. Our team is comprised of hardworking, innovative and dedicated individuals, headed up by:

Demetri White – Senior Program Manager

With a degree in Mechanical Engineering and great experience in both contract and as full time team employee at the leading oil and gas companies, Demetri uses both his educational skills and experience to design the best, most efficient products for our customers. Demetri holds several patents, is proficient in test fixture design and understanding HPHT testing requirements, as well as an intricate part of high pressure system design and automation.