Oasis Testing has always prided itself on building and customizing the best products out there while always working to find new and innovative ways to achieve and exceed customer expectations and even our own. Now, as part of Velentium, we’ve renewed our commitment to those same high standards.

Our Guiding Principles remain unchanged:

    •  Set the standard in our industry with our safety practices
    •  Find creative and innovative ways to help our customers achieve their overall goals
    •  Go above and beyond what is expected from our customers
    •  Dedicate ourselves to growth and learning as a team
    •  Have integrity and be proud of what we do

As long-time collaborators with Velentium on numerous projects going back to 2014, we’re pleased to officially adopt Velentium’s core values as our own:

    • Honorable
    • Results++
    • Humble Charisma

Read more about our journey together here.