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High Pressure Test Systems


High Pressure Test Systems

Oasis has the capability to turnkey manufacturing and fabrication of customized controllable systems that are built to customer specifications and requirements on-site or at our facility.

Our test systems are operated via Ethernet and PC.  This provides the ability for an operator to control the high pressure system remotely.  Adding both PLC’s and PAC’s, acting as the brain, allows automation and controls to be handled by the system.  Automation reduces operator intervention and increases repeatability, reliability and results, while reducing time and operating costs.

Previous examples of built systems:

  • API 6A PR2 Automated Test Systems
  • API 14A Subsurface Safety Valve Test Systems
  • API 11D1 Packers and Bridge Plugs Test Systems
  • Swellable Packers Automated Test Systems
  • Automated Rupture Disc Test System
  • Small Volume, High Pressure Accuracy Test Systems