HPHT | High Temp High Pressure Testing

As engineers develop new and innovative products, High Temperature High Pressure testing applications are necessary to ensure new product qualification.

Oasis currently has three (3) environmental chambers to accommodate heating and cooling test specimens.  Each thermal oven is connected to Oasis’ 30,000 psi (incompressible)/20,000 psi (nitrogen gas) test system.  Required ramp rates can be programmed via temperature controllers on any oven.

Our 4 channel system is specifically built for pressure testing with liquids or nitrogen gas. The 4 channel system also boasts metered venting capabilities to prevent Rapid Gas Decompression (RGD) and automated pressure compensation during heating and/or cooling cycles. This system is comprised of 60,000 psi components.

Please contact us if your project requires testing beyond 30,000 psi.